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KESAT, a.s. was founded by former employees of Research and Development Institute with wood in Jihlava and Austrian company KEBA AG in 1991. The field of activity is optimization, automation and visualization of production processes in several industries.

Since 1990s the main focus has been on the wood processing market, and since 2000 the company has extended its production program by projects in the stoneware industry and agriculture.

Beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 was the reason for expansion of the portfolio of services offered by KESAT and the company has begun to do business with the automation of KEBA AG, which is focused on the segment of plasticmachines and robotics.

The mother company KEBA represents AG customers such as OEM, KESAT, a.s for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary commercially.

Since its foundation until now the company has realized hundreds of projects for a wide range of customers; from modification of electric and software equipment of sawmill plants to complex supplies of operational, control and visualization of electronic automation systems. It ensures service on these devices as well.

Our devices control and monitor the production processes all over Europe and Russia. The main emphasis is on high added value for the customer, higher effectiveness in material processing, energy saving of technology process while using our own constantly improved know-how.